The *AIDA Sales Funnel

The Traditional AIDA Acronym

AIDA is an acronym for a marketing and advertising model that stands for Attention/Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. Its purpose is to assist advertisers in creating and delivering marketing content by providing a fairly simple guide to follow for authoring advertising messaging, publishing those messages, and managing sales funnels.

The traditional AIDA Model has existed for over 100 years and has proven its value despite many attempts to redefine its meaning. However, due to the high level of access to information through the Internet and the convenience of mobile devices, the AIDA model may actually need an update to meet the demands of today's marketing audience.

The Town Bell

According to American Heritage Magazine, "Bell ringing was an important part of everybody's life two centuries ago, indispensable chroniclers of each passing day." In addition to announcing the time of day and deaths, town bells rang to notify people of dangers such as fires and bandits, and for announcing births, weddings, good news and celebrations.

In the newly settled towns of the American West, the town bell would ring once to announce the arrival of mail, twice for the arrival of strangers, and three times for armed strangers. The bell Alerted the town of a new arrival, Informed them of the type of arrival, Directed them how to respond, and Assisted them in doing so. It was an effective and efficient form of communication.

Efficient & Effective Advertising

Entrepreneur magazine defines advertising as a direct line of communication to raise awareness, announce benefits, draw interest, create desire, convince the public of what is right, and provide them with a means to take the next step. Just as the traditional definition of the AIDA definition clearly states and the town bell subtly implies.

If the town bell effectively raises awareness of a new arrival, efficiently announces the benefits of new mail, and proactively informs the public of possible dangers so they can take action to protect themselves, then one might see the town bell similar to the advertising of today. The only difference being the ring being heard is from a phone, not a bell.

The AIDA Bell

To be curt, an Alert happens before and during an event occurrence, while an audience is made aware of an event after it has occurred. In addition, a buyer is Informed of the benefits of an offering to increase interest as well as desire, not the other way around. Last, a call to action of any transaction is to Direct the prospect what to do, and Assist them in doing so.

As mentioned, many attempts to redefine the AIDA acronym have been made, but none have successfully managed to last. However, times and technology have changed and now may be the time for the AIDA Sales Funnel to be renamed as the AIDA Town Bell, and its acronym redefined as Alert, Inform, Direct, and Assist.

Closing & Invitation

Regardless of how it is named or defined, the sales model discussed in this article serves four purposes. To advertise effectively and communicate efficiently, a merchant must Alert a prospect to a positive opportunity or a negative situation, Inform them of their options, Direct them to which option is best, and Assist them in making an action.

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