Then there was...

A Sunday Morning Sunrise

There are a few things in life that offer a reward without a price like that of a Sunday Morning Sunrise. The air is still, the neighborhood is quiet, and it seems the birds even know the worms will be out in due time and there is no need to be early, or even on time for that matter.

I woke up early and chose to take advantage of the moment. I enjoyed a great cup of coffee in my favorite mug and wore my robe until noon. I'm not trying to sound like Ferris Bueller, but I will agree that life moves pretty fast, and that if you don't stop and look around, you could miss it.

Thanksgiving Day

And in this corner, weighing in at lesser now than later, undefeated at cleaning his plate every holiday and member of the Should Have Known Better Club, Randy "The Guy That Makes Food Disappear" BoooWweeennn...

If a picture is worth a thousand words than not hearing one word during dinner implies life is good. Good company and good food provided a great environment to count our blessings on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day.

Louisiana Day

It's National Louisiana Day! Just Google it. In addition to celebrating Jazz, Creole, and Mardi Gras, Louisiana State University is giving the bayou more to dance and cheer about on Bourbon Street as LSU defeated Alabama, ending the Tide's hometown winning streak.

Louisiana is fantastic. Although hurricanes have caused me to be eveacuated from there all 3 times I have visited, I would gladly revisit again. The locals are the nicest and most welcoming people I have ever met and I would do anything for a bowl of red beans and rice right now.

Shepherd's Pie O'Randy

Here we have a Shepard's Pie made of left over meatloaf, left over mixed vegetables, and left over mashed potatoes. It took me 20 minutes to prepare and left only a bowl, spoon, and skillet to clean. God Bless #Leftovers !

I documented the ingredients so I can add it to my book of Recipes For Lazy Gourmets. I included the picture so it will be like a cook book for lazy people that like to visit Denny's for the menu. If you are lazy and like to eat, well this is going to be fun. I'll keep you posted...

The Kincade Fire

October 30, 2019... Evacuation orders were lifted as firefighters gained ground on the Kincade Fire, one of the largest fires to strike the wine country in decades. Despite it not being fully contained, spirits are high for the locals remaining safe and their wines being sound.

My good friend Randy Pitts is the Wine Master for Harvest Moon Vinyards and stayed to defned his property and his work. I made this map to commemorate the event and show him just how lucky he was for the teams of firefighters that kept him and his neighbors safe.

The Game of Chess

The longest possible game of chess has 5,949 moves. The longest chess game ever recorded lasted for 269 moves. If chess is the struggle against error, and life is the struggle against error, then there are still 5,680 errors waiting to be discovered in both life and in chess.

I've made errors, and statistically I'm bound to make a few more. Yes, they hurt. Yes, they come with loss. However, like chess, if you want to play the game of life you have to make your move with the risk of making errors. It's how the game is played. It's how the game is won.

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