Randy Bowen


Randy was born in Southern California and spent his youth wearing worn out shoes and patched up hand-me-downs like any other child with older siblings. Despite his humble beginnings, he was able to earn his Bachelor's Degree in Polymer Science, and gain his Master's Degree in Technical Instruction at California State University, Chico.

Randy's professional career began as a technical instructor for an Internet company in the late 90's. In 2002, he opened his first company and worked as a consultant in the lucrative bulk email marketing industry. He opened RB consulting in 2008, and has been managing online projects and digital marketing campaigns ever since.

Despite the never ending changes in technology with their ever-bending learning curves, and the dynamic location of "X" on his treasure map of life, Randy loved every bit of it. Contact RB Consulting today to begin using Randy's history to increase your sales. He'll restore your worn out campaigns and patch up the ones handed down to you.


Goals & Objectives:

  • Create successful digital marketing campaigns that outperform their expected sales goals.
  • Identify and define the product or service being promoted and the audience being targeted.
  • Implement the most efficient marketing strategies that produce the most effective results.
  • Generate qualified traffic with ever-increasing conversion rates for each and every campaign.

Methods & Procedures:

  • Write, design, create, and manage unique and relevant content to seduce a relatable audience.
  • Market captivating content to a target audience in a means to gain their business and devotion.
  • Build organized websites with simple forms to decrease confusion and increase conversions.
  • Document the process, automation, execution, and performance of each individual campaign.

Benefits & Results:

  • Be kept up to date on the current performance of each of your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Have a steady flow of unique content to keep your website and social media updates current.
  • Have an increasing number of qualified leads driven to your site from search and social ads.
  • Gain and attain higher profits from increased conversion rates and lower ad purchasing costs.

Tools & Resources:

  • Google Development Applications: Create, market, measure, integrate and optimize campaigns
  • Asana Project Management Tools: Organize, track, and manage tasks and performance reports
  • Facebook Business Manager: Make and manage Facebook and Instagram ads and adspends
  • Zapier Integrations & Automations: Automate the integration and recording of lead information

Clients & Projects:

  • Collect My Claim: Submit and resolve insurance claim moneys for independent physicians.
  • Top Ad Slot: Claim top slots for displaying ads on all the popular search and social platforms.
  • AddADot.Com: Rent and route IP space to bulk emailers and international VOIP providers.
  • Unixnotes.com: Develop technical curriculum and deliver instructor led training and exams.

Companies & DBAs:

  • Left Coast CPAs: Provide audits and tax return services for Associations in the Western States.
  • Hyperlink Ink: Develop and manage content and protocols for digital marketing campaigns.
  • 180 Law: Generate leads and qualify candidates for class action and personal injury lawsuits.
  • RB Consulting: Provide digital marketing services to agencies and independent organizations.

Education & Training:

  • Google Webmaster Certification: Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio & Search Console
  • Sun University Certification I & II: Solaris System Administration & Network Security Systems
  • CSU Chico: Masters in Liberal Arts Studies - Curriculum Development & Internet Collaboration
  • CSU Chico: Bachelors in Industrial Engineering - Polymer Science & Manufacturing Technology

Certainties & Convictions:

  • RB Consulting has a respected track record of providing digital marketing services and training.
  • Traffic quality, brand reputation, conversion rates, audience and repeat business will increase.
  • RB Consulting has proven their ability to manage multiple types of campaigns simultaneously.
  • Live analytics and campaign performance statistics will be available to monitor in real time.


Randy wrote his first website in html 1.0 and hosted it on the unix servers at his University. The site was comprised of text organized and displayed in simple tables. Its purpose was to test if homework and grades could be assigned and posted over the Internet. It was available off campus if you had access to a dial tone and a modem.

Time marched on, but technology leaped forward. The nuts and bolts of the Industrial Age became the 1's and 0's of the Information Age, and the power and influence of the Internet grew exponentially. Simple tables with text quickly turned into infinite pages containing endless content, and the Digital Marketing Industry was upon us.

Today, Google receives over 63,000 searches per second, with the average person conducting 3 searches every day. As digital marketers, we have the opportunity to present the benefits of our products and services to everyone in the world at least 3 times a day. Contact RB Consulting today to take advantage of these opportunities!


Left Coast CPAs: Accounts Manager | 2018-Present

  • Assign, collect, review, file and record audits and tax returns to and from in-house CPAs.
  • Interview applicants for open CPA positions and verify their experience and credentials.
  • Present operational protocols to CPAs and create training videos for them to reference.
  • Work with sales and marketing to find the perfect medium for CPAs to work with clients.

Collect My Claim: Workflow Designer | 2017-2018

  • Documented the previous workflow to identify bottlenecks and areas to apply automation.
  • Worked with insurance companies to tailor our input process to reduce claims with errors.
  • Created training videos to teach our clients how to submit their insurance claims correctly.
  • Designed collection protocols to resolve any issues interfering with proper claim payment.

Top Ad Slot: Bidding Specialist | 2016-2017

  • Find the most effective location to display an ad, depending on its audience and offering.
  • Acquire top ad slots to run ads by outbidding the competition for the premium positions.
  • Install Google Tag Manager into client sites to enable tracking and remarketing abilities.
  • Provide access to live advertising cost statistics along with weekly performance reports.

Hyperlink Ink: Marketing Specialist | 2014-Present

  • Identify the client offering and target audience to define the primary campaign objective.
  • Determine which strategies will best promote the client's offering to the target audience.
  • Design, develop, and manage the digital assets that will effectively promote the offering.
  • Optimize digital marketing campaigns to improve traffic quality and increase conversions.

180 Law: Legal Campaigns Manager | 2012-Present

  • Authored articles on pharmaceuticals and medical devices for lead generation campaigns.
  • Researched drug side-effects to identify target audiences for creating custom ad groups.
  • Paired digital ads with custom landing pages to increase traffic along with conversion rates.
  • Used Data Studio with Google Analytics to track KPIs and optimize campaign performance.

AddADot.Com: Operations Manager | 2010-2012

  • Designed the IP network and operational protocols for a private email marketing agency.
  • Created a range of email services that allowed clients to automate certain email functions.
  • Offered specialized pricing packages with pre-paid agreements to privileged VIP clientele.
  • Managed remote networking teams to handle all IP routing requests and requirements.

RB Consulting: Digital Consultant | 2008-Present

  • Provide digital marketing consulting services to a variety of diverse clients and agencies.
  • Manage a small group of old campaigns to test new techniques on aged business models.
  • Train developers how to create unique and relevant content efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Research new tools and techniques to remain abreast of the latest digital marketing trends.

Unixnotes.com: Author / Instructor | 2002-2008

  • Authored courseware and created lab exercises for Solaris System Administration training.
  • Aided in generating test questions for the Sun Microsystems Solaris certification program.
  • Traveled abroad and conducted on-site training sessions to corporate and military clients.
  • Established relationships that matured into lifelong friendships and business partnerships.



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