As a writer and instructor with a history of teaching students and counseling people in need of guidance, I am naturally comfortable at communicating with a spectrum of personality types about a range of differing topics. My roles have required me to find effective methods to gain their attention, earn their trust, and teach them what they need to learn in a format that is easy to understand.

As a marketer, I build brands, increase sales, and grow businesses by creating and managing campaigns that spark interest, seed loyalty, and turn valued clients into repeat customers. As an engineer, I utilize technology in a manner to optimize operations to ultimately lower the overall costs of doing business. My past titles include:

      • Project / Operations Consultant
      • Digital Marketing Specialist
      • Content Writer / Copywriter
      • Graphic / Branding Designer
      • Search / Social Ads Manager
      • Systems / Network Engineer

As a manager, I oversee long term development projects, lead short term design jobs, and deploy a variety of campaign types. Sometimes, all at the same time. I am qualified for a range of management and marketing positions and I have a proven record of delivering quality results in a timely and profitable manner.

In summary, making projects, jobs, and campaigns to deploy on time and under budget requires time, experience, and knowledge of the workplace. Accomplishing these tasks is what I do best. Schedule a time to meet with me to discuss how we can build your brand, increase your sales, and grow your business.


Objectives: Create digital marketing campaigns that outperform their projected sales goals and operate below their allocated budgets. Optimize operations by eliminating unnecessary processes and developing cost reducing solutions for actions that can be automated.

Marketing Roles:

  • Design marketing strategies to advertise products and services to their target audiences.
  • Develop unique and relevant content to create traffic and gain followers and subscribers.
  • Build effective sales funnels that increase conversion rates and reduce abandoned sales.
  • Remarket to prospects familiar with the brand and convert clients into repeat customers.

Management Roles:

  • Eliminate unproductive efforts and automate all eligible processes to reduce overhead.
  • Consolidate administration onto Google to strengthen operations and reduce downtime.
  • Develop applications on open-source platforms to reduce licensing and support costs.
  • Document and compare campaign performances to identify optimal configurations.


  • Two Bit Barbers: Operate website service that generates leads for on-site barbering services.
  • MedCenter Leads: Generate medical leads for doctors and other medical professionals.
  • Left Coast CPAs: Manage online operations for CPA firms that audit and file taxes for HOAs.
  • Collect My Claim: Create online solutions to help physicians submit their insurance claims.


  • Hyperlink Ink: Created content for online publications and digital marketing campaigns.
  • RB Consulting: Provide consulting services to private merchants and marketing groups.
  • AddADot.Com: Acquired, repaired, and managed class A IP space for email marketers.
  • Authored and delivered technical curriculum to system administrators.


  • Ybrant Digital: Managed global sales of software licenses and enforced support protocols.
  • Break Media: Resurrected blacklisted IPs and white-listed active IPs with Enterprise ESPs.
  • StrongMail: Installed enterprise email servers with MTA software for email marketers.
  • Sun Microsystems: Delivered on-site technical training to corporate and military clients.


  • Campaign performance results will be available for live review every hour of every day.
  • A steady flow of unique and relevant content will be made to keep your media current.
  • Qualified leads will be driven to your digital assets from an array of marketing verticals.
  • Profits will grow from increased conversion rates and lower general operational costs.

Summary: Randy is able to present complex information in a format that is easy to learn, and convey detailed messages in a manner that is easy to understand. He has a history of overseeing successful marketing campaigns and a list of satisfied clients that will testify to the positive impacts his efforts have had on their campaigns. Schedule a time to meet with Randy today.

Randy takes great interest and pleasure in sharing ideas on how to generate leads, increase conversion rates, and convert current clients into repeat customers. If you are interested in meeting with Randy to discuss these matters in more detail, or aquiring his services for your own campaigns, please follow the steps outlined below to scedule a time to meet with him.

Steps to Schedule Your Meeting:

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  2. Supply your contact information in the details area with the website of the campaign we are going to analyze for your meeting.
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An automated text will be sent to verify your request and phone number. Once confirmed, you will receive an email of an overview of our services for you to use as a reference for our call. Requesting a meeting is easy and free. Schedule yours today!

*Please be available for our meeting during the scheduled time, and feel free to email me any questions you would like addressed during our meeting so we can make full use of our time together.